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For 25 years Busy Bee Contractors has been a part of the Baltimore area. With our understanding of modern roofing systems, we know that most roofs in this area should never leak. That is why we offer a first class job, where old shingles are removed for proper installation of a manufacture recommended roofing system. Proper water prevention starts with a good water proof underlayment to help avoid ice dams and driving rain -- common weather events in Baltimore. With the right products matched to your roof, damaging leaks don't have to happen.

Shingle Repairs

Roof Repair

When a roof isn't installed properly or there is a small age related failure, it can be a nightmare. Sort of like old and even new peeling paint. If shingles aren’t installed right or installed over a good roof wrap, wind and rain will damage your home.

Roofing contractors that take short cuts can often lead to tabs and whole shingles tearing loose, leaving exposed wood during a major rain storm. When not repaired right away, layers more sensitive to the sun will deteriorate, and wet wood will start to rot - not to mention interior damage.

Can you afford to have a leak during the next major storm?

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There is more to good nailing then getting the nail into the decking. Lets examine the only part of the installation keeping the roof on your home. For the best wind protection nails should be straight in and just tight enough. Nails in the wrong place is responsible for much of the wind damage in Baltimore...

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